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Abakiting Sardinia Su Giudeu

Su Giudeu

Su Giudeu

A vast stretch of white beach with crystal clear waters: here the kiter’s paradise

Su Giudeu’s beach is one of the pearls of the Bay of Chia. The immense beach of white, soft and fine sand meets emerald waters. Free sections alternate with equipped ones and all services are available: parking, beach equipment rental, hotel, bar, restaurant, camping and diving center.

This place is well described by a quote: “Most beautiful among the beautiful” and its contradictory sense. And it is not easy to be able to choose between the many natural beauties of Chia and the offer of the entire island of Sardinia.

Known since the Phoenicians, Bithia / Chia is a popular tourist resort in the territory of Domus de Maria. It is a unanimous chorus of consensus in the comments and reviews of its loyal admirers who enhance the beauty of the area. Above all the beaches Su Giudeu is one of the most famous ones in fact, almost in the center of the bay. From the sea emerge several rocks, from small to larger: the biggest of them, the ‘scoglio su Giudeu’ is an islet of dark rock in front of the beach which gives the name to this place; it is covered by a compact crown of Mediterranean scrub, easily reachable even without swimming at low tide.

This place has a particular charm, maybe for the inimitable scenery that opens to our eyes,or maybe for the incredible transparency of the crystalline water with emerald reflections and the softness of its sand, but what it is certain is that Su Giudeu is a vision, a paradise on earth that fascinates and takes your breath away, leaves you with a sense of deep harmony in the soul.

The seabed is shallow and the extension allows you to practice sports on the beach in complete relaxation.
With us at Aba Kiting – sailing, kitesurfing, wakeboarding you will find the best conditions to kitesurf with passion and education. Step by step we will reveal to you everything about the spots and kitesurfing.

The Chia bay has a wide exposure to winds: north-east, east, Scirocco, Libeccio, all of which offer beautiful waves. On hot summer days, a thermal wind usually rises which is spectacular offshore, even if gusty on the ground. During the winter season, it’s hard to find another beach that offers such a high percentage of windy days and exposure to winds: the westerly wind forms waves that reach up to 3 meters. In these cases kitesurfing becomes very extreme and it is recommended that only real daredevil expert heroes go out.


Su Giudeu prevailing winds

  • The east wind (Levante) and the south-east wind (Scirocco) blow well in the bay creating beautiful waves.
  • The West (Ponente) and South-West (Libeccio) winds blow quite well from spring to autumn if the sky is not too cloudy.
  • The north-east wind (Grecale), rare and gusty, can blow here.


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