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Poetto beach in Cagliari

Poetto Beach in Cagliari

A perfect spot for kiting a stone’s throw from the city!

Poetto beach in Cagliari is the place where sports and entertainment meet for inhabitants and tourists as well. Surmounted by the unmistakable Sella del Diavolo promontory, it extends for 9 km up to Quartu Sant’Elena and is frequented all year round.

The Poetto beach is quite wide along its entire length. The sea is clear and transparent, the seabed is shallow and sandy inside for tens of meters and this makes it ideal for playing and for the safety of children.

The shore is an irresistible attraction for long, relaxing walks. The waterfront is suitable for skateboarding, rollerblading or biking along the cycle path; it is also perfect for passionate runners, as they have a dedicated running aisle, or for those who simply want to enjoy a chill walk. You will find refreshments and pleasant entertainment in the characteristic and historic kiosks, close to the shoreline. There are also toilets / showers and reserved spaces for dogs. The city center is very well connected with efficient services.

The lido is a beach break well frequented by wave surfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts. Thanks to the weather characteristics and the beauty of the place, Cagliari with its Poetto has always been home to many sailing and sporting events: many of these are world-class events, such as:

  • 2014 Formula Kite World Championships (Master and Youth categories),
  • 2012 Kite Race World Championships,
  • 2013 European Hobbie Cat Championships,
  • 2016 Foil Formula Kite Championships.

Cagliari and Poetto are home to the Luna Rossa Challenge in preparation and training for participation to the America’s Cup.

Poetto is the beach of Cagliari and its long coastline, which starts from Quartu Sant’Elena up to Sella del Diavolo, offers ideal conditions for those who want to approach kitesurfing but is excellent for advanced level kiters as well.

Poetto is known all over the world because of its very high percentage of windy days. The most present winds are the Scirocco and the Levante, both onshore with wave, and the thermal wind that blows on the hottest and sunniest days. Moreover, the Libeccio is also present always onshore, which creates very interesting waves. The place is good for beginners who want to learn kitesurfing and magical fun for riders who want to dabble in the wave or try new freestyle maneuvers. Days with winds from the south with more than 30 knots are not uncommon; in these cases kitesurfing becomes very extreme and it is recommended that only real daredevil expert heroes go out.

Poetto Beach

Type of seabed: Sandy
Useful wind: Scirocco, Libeccio
Water quality: Rippled / waves
Waves with wind of: Strong Scirocco
Water temperature: 15 ° C (winter) – 25 ° C (summer)
Wind range: 12-30 knots


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