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Kite surfing

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Abakiting kitesurfing experience Sardinia

Kite surfing

Kitesurfing is one of the newest sailing sports, whose baptism can be dated around 1996, when Manu Bertin used a kite instead of a windsurfing sail.

The sport is relatively new, which is why many of the technical aspects are still being developed and evolving.
Kiters certainly learn from experience, but the ‘fundamentals’ of this discipline are well codified and structured, and it is also necessary to practise it to the best of one’s ability.
Becoming a good kiter requires above all a great sense of responsibility, for oneself and for others, together with a good dose of patience and determination.
In fact, kitesurfing is learnt by gradual experience, without rushing into it.

It is good to remember that, many water sports, should never be practised alone. 

Kitesurfing is a discipline that is performed totally immersed in nature, and is one of the most adrenalin-pumping sailing sports: the action consists of gliding over the water with a board, thanks to a large kite driven by the force of the wind. The board used is similar to a wake-board, is symmetrical and is called ‘twin tip’.
This discipline, which combines surfing and windsurfing techniques, gives you the peace of mind of sailing boats, moving on to adventure when you try yourself at challenging sessions such as riding waves or going out to sea in really strong winds.
Kitesurfing allows those who practice it to try different styles and disciplines: the most popular is definitely the freestyle, in which the board and kite are used to jump high enough to perform fantastic evolutions, breathtaking spins and different tricks.

The experience is made even more beautiful by the places (spots) where this sport can be practised. The most beautiful locations in Sardinia are available, such as: Poetto, Porto Pino, Baia di Nora, Punta Trettu, Villasimius, Chia Su Giudeu and Porto Botte.

At Abakiting we offer kitesurfing courses for kiters from the initial approach – basic level
up to the intermediate level – Advance. We will teach you how to rig and start the kite from the boat, and we’ll provide assistance with the dinghy if needed.
It is possible to practice downwind for more experienced kiters.

 Is it also possible to rent the necessary equipment to practice this discipline:
The kite set includes the sails (model duotone evo 2021, with different sizes),
the bar and the board, as well as the foil board.
Snorkelling equipment is also available.
Kiters can take advantage of fantastic drone footage of their evolutions.


Enrico Maccaferri is a certified iko instructor and a graduate of the Nautical Institute of Venice. So, you’re in good hands!


Basic and intermediate advance: € 70/h
Equipment rental (kite set): € 350 per person


Contact us for more informations and book your experience.

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