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It is located in the south-eastern part of Sardinia: crystal-clear sea and white beaches.

Villasimius is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Sardinia, characterised by wide, beautiful beaches and breathtaking coastal landscapes.

This area is considered the pearl of the south-eastern side of the island. With a small town of just over four thousand inhabitants during the winter, in the summer season it transforms into a popular destination for nightlife and tourism.

Here, the colours of the sea are intense, fed by clear waters, dreamy seabeds with the complicity of the granite rocks, typical of this place. Delightful coves, endless stretches of sand, lagoons and soft green hills await you.

Not far from the center of Villasimius is located a very special and unique beach called Spiaggia del Riso (Rice Beach). Its uniqueness lies in the ‘grains’ that compose it.

Other beaches can be found along the coast and are among the most beautiful in south-eastern Sardinia: Porto sa Ruxi, Campus and Campulongu, all characterised by blue sea and white sand dunes, framed by fragrant Mediterranean scrub.

On the western side of Capo Carbonara there are several coves hidden among the rocks, including the best-known Cala Caterina, while on the eastern side is the wonderful, wide beach of Porto Giunco, with the Notteri pond behind it, a natural habitat for the pink flamingo and other rare bird species.

In addition to their natural beauty, these beaches offer fantastic kitesurfing spots. Below are described two of the best spots for this activity.

Porto Giunco

East or north-easterly winds are required to kitesurf in this wonderful seaside location. Winds blowing from the north-east usually create good waves, while westerly winds are off-shore. The large size of the beach makes Porto Giunco an excellent spot for beginners, who can easily improve their kitesurfing skills. There are no dangerous rocks or reefs in the bay, so kitesurfing is totally safe. It is an excellent spot for longboarders as well.


The winds needed for kitesurfing on this long, narrow beach come from west or south-west. These winds create good waves nearly always. It is worth mentioning that there are some rocks in the middle of the Campulongu bay, which can disappear under the waves, so care must be taken.
In addition to this, the difficulty in launching and landing the kite due to the small size of the beach makes Campulongu suitable only for medium/advanced kiters.

The wind is always perturbative. The Ponente always comes in quite strong and easily accelerates to 20 knots and is often a bit gusty. It enters slightly from the right and forms untidy waves. The south-westerly, on the other hand, enters fairly clean but straight from the sea.

Villasimius prevailing winds

  • Minimum level required: Medium
  • Type of spot: Sandy
  • Type of seabed: Sandy
  • Winds: West, Libeccio, Sirocco, Levante, Mistral, Grecale
  • Water quality: Rippled/waves
  • Wind waves of: Ponente, Libeccio, Scirocco, Levante, Maestrale, Grecale forte
  • Distance from Cagliari centre: 45 km
  • Distance from car park: < 1 min
  • Water temperature: 15 °C (winter) – 25 °C (summer)
  • Wind range: 12-30 knots


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