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Nora’s Bay


History and sea are the setting for this fantastic kite spot

Fine white sand with sides rich in Mediterranean life here are dominated by a tower of the sixteenth century and made fascinating by the ruins of ancient civilizations of the Roman era, first Phoenician then Carthaginian. All this make Nora a particular and unique destination.

Nora is one of the most famous beaches in Pula.
Well-known and unique are the Roman ruins, which from the promontory drop down into the sea; ancient houses, submerged in the bay, have stood still for centuries (II and III century A.D).. Snorkeling can be practiced in mid-water in respectful silence: streets, houses and Roman remains in the depths of the isthmus.

The bay is defined in width by a Capo Pula cliff up to the promontory, with a view of the splendid Coltellazzo tower (16th century). This location makes it particularly sheltered from the winds.

The sea here is crystal clear with a shallow seabed, the various shades from green to blue to deep blue invite you to pleasantly get involved in exciting water sports and adventure.

To the east of Nora is located the beach of su Guventeddu, preferred by kite and wind surfers. Here, in addition to admiring the unique beauties of the place and a dream beach, you can practice Kitesurfing.

The kite spot is optimal especially with Grecale and Levante winds, which can create challenging waves to ride.
Libeccio (side-side / on starboard tack) usually enters clean and in the summer months helps the thermal to blow even over 20 knots.

Whether you are just starting out or already an expert wave tamer, in this kite spot, which is a true corner of paradise in Southern Sardinia, with us at Aba Kiting you will find the best conditions to surf with passion and education.
Step by step we will reveal to you everything about the spots and kitesurfing.

While walking and sailing among the ancient Phoenician-Punic and Roman ruins, you will take a journey through time, fascinated by the millenary testimonies of this land.

Norace is considered to be the founder of Nora: he is an ancient hero of Sardinian mythology, son of the god Hermes and Eriteide, daughter of Geryon. It appears in the texts of Pausanias, Sallustio and Solino.


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