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Porto Pino

Porto Pino

Between sand dunes and gusty winds, kiters are immersed in a very suggestive spot

You don’t need to have exotic dreams, heaven is closer than you think.
Don’t go to the other side of the world to find it.
Live the dream at the center of Mare Nostrum, in the south-west of Sardinia.
Porto Pino is a place of enchantment, where nature has produced its masterpiece.

The bay of Porto Pino is located almost entirely within the territory of Sant’Anna Arresi (Sulcis), and appears to be an ecosystem in perfect natural balance, with dazzling white beaches immersed in blue tones of the deep blue sea. You will find dunes of fine white sand, similar to those of the desert, coves of pink sand with transparent bottoms, a lagoon populated by pink flamingos and woods with very rare and fragrant Aleppo pines, thorny oaks, centuries-old junipers and luxuriant Mediterranean scrub. The extensive pine forest on the border between the sea and the dunes gives the place its name.
During summer, the beach is served by kiosks and bars, while for services in the winter the reference point will be the nearby center of Sant’Anna Arresi.
The inlet extends for over six kilometers and kitesurfing in this naturalistic pearl is an unforgettable experience: immerse yourself in the beauty of the place, with the winds entering from the South-East, South and South-West: even if a little gusty, results will be better even for beginner kiters.

West winds are capable of forming big waves, albeit a little messy, and are not suitable for beginners. The Mistral comes from the right side, very often refined: this makes it unsuitable for those who are just starting out.
Porto Pino is therefore a point of reference especially for more experienced kiters.
With us at Aba Kiting – sailing, kitesurfing, wakeboarding, you will find the best conditions to navigate with passion and education. Step by step we will reveal to you everything about the spots and kitesurfing.

Porto Pino prevailing winds:

  • The wind from the West (Ponente) and the wind from the South-West (Libeccio) blows quite well throughout the year.
  • The wind from the North-West (Mistral) which predominates in Sardinia, blows from the ground into the bay and is generally very refined.
  • The south-east wind (Scirocco) blows from the land into the bay and its side and usually gusty.
  • The north wind (Tramontana) blows very strong, gusty and cold in the bay throughout the winter season (even over 50 knots).


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