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Men realised almost immediately that they could climb on things and float on them.
Boats of all kinds and types have always played a decisive role in the development of communities. This is why most people live along coastlines or near rivers and why human history is full of boating, sails, navigation and children who dream of becoming adventurous sailors when they grow up.

You don’t have to be an experienced sea dog to enjoy the wind and its force blowing and swelling the sails. The holidays come to decide in which way we will recover our energy, after long periods of work with full days dedicated to roles and responsibilities. Commitments that, without ifs and buts, stop us from living fullest that little free time we have.

The choice of the type of holiday is strategic. The decision becomes an element of immediate regeneration and reassuring relief, already during the winter when it is made.
If the choice falls on a holiday at sea, on a sailing boat, it is like jumping on board immediately, without any incumbent task, without any responsibility other than taking on the role of someone who knows how to enjoy the beauty of the adventure beforehand.

It has many advantages, the sailing holiday, and not a few privileges compared to a traditional one on land, especially during periods of great crowds, as traditionally happens in August. A holiday on a boat transports you to another dimension, easier to experience than to explain in so many words.

However, try to imagine the freedom of experiencing the sea all around, from dawn when you wake up cradled by the wave, to sunset ready for dinner, and again in the arms of the silence of the night’s darkness with a roof of stars that fascinates you through all its 180 degrees.

As you board, you will be the master of your time, you will be alone or in the right company, there will be no annoying crowds. It will be you, the sky and the sea.

Thus relaxed, you will be able to appreciate this experience and what makes it even more interesting: life on board.
It is a way of life that imposes a choice of style. A style shared and respected by all those who love the world of sailing and the rules of the sea that govern it.

The crew must possess a certain amount of adaptability and gentle tolerance, which will be an element of sharing on board due to the peculiarities of the craft, the accommodation available and the variability of the wind element that moves, pushes or cradles the boat. 
The entire adventure is characterised by the natural elements and the trip, which will take you to discover places, coves and sea ravines, reached by following the unusual routes of the sea, with the possibility of trying your hand at sailing activities, whether you are novices or seasoned sailors.

Those who have practised this sport know how rewarding and fun it is to speed over the waves with the wind in your sails, especially when you know the secrets of this discipline.

You can practice sailing on our boat and receive lessons, during which the most important aspects of this fantastic sport will be taught:

  • On-board nomenclature and technical language
  • Knowledge of sail types
  • Sail regulations
  • Most useful knots
  • Knowledge of winds
  • Knowledge and practice of current manoeuvres
  • Life on board: cooperation in daily activities, roles and tasks to respect


Enrico Maccaferri is a certified iko instructor and a graduate of the Nautical Institute of Venice. So, you’re in good hands!


Sailboat rental for 7 days and 6 nights : €1500/per day.

  • fuel;
  • lunch and dinner on the boat;
  • consumption of soft drinks;
  • wake foil on non-windy days.


Contact us for more informations and book your experience.

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